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Guanyida Friction Material Co., Ltd.

Hengshui Guanyida Friction Material Co., Ltd. was establish in 2000, more than 15 years export experience. Brake system professional manufacturer, factory is located in Hebei Province, convenient transportation, Beautiful environment. Since its inception, the technical high starting point, high product quality, staff quality, and full of vigor and vitality of the new surface.


Why Choose us

The company mainly produce brake pads, brake shoes, brake disc, brake lining, car filters etc. auto parts, high quality with competitive price, welcome your inquiry!

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    Production of automotive brake pads, brake disc, brake shoes, brake lining, the company ISO9001 series of international standards established a quality assurance system

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    Our science and technology as the guide to quality as the core, striving China famous as the goal of promoting "quality win, Recruitment customer;

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    We always adhere to the "customer first, quality first, reputation first, service first"



  • How to tell if your brakes need replacing?

    Checking your brakes to ensure they are in good condition requires your senses of sight, hearing and touch. Together, this will give you a good idea of when to replace your brakes for a smoother and safer driving experience. Your brakes may need replacing if you notice any of the following signs...

  • Differences between brake pads and brake shoes

    The main differences between brake pads and brake shoes are: Positioning: Brake pads and brake shoes are positioned differently in their braking system. Brake pads are placed inside a caliper which surrounds the brake disc and brake shoes are placed inside the brake drum. Wear: Brake shoes typi...

  • Brake pads VS Brake shoes

    What are brake pads? Found in disc brake systems, brake pads are a flat piece of steel with a thick friction material layer on one side. This friction material type varies, depending on vehicle type and size and brake caliper type. The driver operates the disc brake system by pushing his foot dow...

  • Why is Brake Hardware Important?

    An often overlooked aspect of a brake job is the brake hardware. The Brake Report took a dive into this issue and found data that supports this theory. In the article, an independent lab determined that after 35,000 miles, the brake clips that were tested were outside of the OEM tolerances and wo...


    A very important factor to consider when installing friction on a vehicle is what type of material to install. It is important to consider a few key questions when deciding which friction material to go with. • What was the original equipment on the vehicle? • What type of vehicle is this going o...

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